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Hello there!

I am pleased that you’d like to know a little about me as you continue reading my self introduction. My name is Saska, born on 18. february 1997. I was born and grew up in Krusevac, small town in Serbia, with beautiful people and places. I know that every girl has different interests, but I’m one of those beauty junkies in the world, I’ll never deny that fact. Natural beauty tips, skin care, makeup tips and tricks, hairstyles, cosmetics, and DIY ideas are my favorite categories. When it comes to obsessions, I’m obsessed with glamorous makeup and clothes. Even while I was a little girl, the most important thing for me was to look beautiful. This obsession has grown for years, and fashion and makeup are now my life. The most beautiful feeling in the world is the one you do what you love and that’s what you are good at. Make-up is actually an art through which the existing beauty intensifies and Im the artist.



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