How to choose eye shadow


How to choose eye shadow

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There are trends, rules that must be followed if you want to follow fashion – in step. And there are the classics – a trend that never goes out of style. Just as there are trends in clothing, there are those related to makeup. Today, I will help you to choose the eye shadow, so it looks great on you every season.

HOW TO CHOOSE eye shadow?

The basic rule when selecting a shadow is to customize the color of your eyes, hair and complexion. When you opt for an intense eye makeup know that the lipstick or lip gloss should be less conspicuous. Contrasts are cool, but not trendy ..


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Pink, orange, caramel, brown, purple .. these shadows to your aristocratic beauty administered a dose of heat. In combination with the blush in shades of peach and rose some brighter, more natural shades, the combination will be winning. What would be blue-eyed girls should avoid shadows are green shades, and „icy“ look is best to choose a silver hood and black mascara.


Zelenooka should choose eye shadows in shades of lavender, copper, gold, pineapple, olive, plum-colored … and avoid all the shadows in shades of blue. The combination of the intense red lipstick is the best.

BEST shadow brown eyes

Top shades of warm brown eyes have just one warm and „brown“. Beige, black, caramel, and even warm brown and olive green will never let you down. If your eyes are light brown, dark shades of green and duller yellow are the best choice.

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