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Powder is applied to the face to cover small imperfections on the face, but also to protect it from external influences. This is one of the products for which it is important that the quality, and we pick them by shades of complexion and skin type.


Bringing little advice on how to choose the ideal powder and make skin beautiful and flawless.

Powder always try to daylight, so the troops know for sure if the color powder shade suits your skin tone. Undertone skin the shade of that. pigment visible „under“ your skin, regardless of skin color. If you have warm undertones, look yellowish powder tones, those with cool undertones will suit more puffs which prevail pink tones. Which group the easiest way to find out if you look at the color of eyes and hair, for those who have a warmer skin tones or yellow undertones, tend to have darker eyes and hair, and vice versa.

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A big role in achieving natural-looking and has a so-called. finish. Finish is gloss finish that leaves powder on the skin. There are three versions: matt or satin, matte and glossy. Most are semi-liquid powder, and suit most skin types. This is the most natural finish, and if the package is not specified „matte“ or „Luminizing“, assume that the semi. So if you have oily skin will best suit you mat because they absorb excess oil from the face. If you have dry or mature skin, satin finish for you will be the ideal choice. If your face lacks a little luster, select Foundation with great (or luminous glow) finish. Such liquid powders are enriched with the small particles which reflect light and visually reduced fine lines and wrinkles. If you have oily skin, avoid these powders.

Types powder

1. Mineral Powder – This powder is favored due to the fact that it does not close the pores of the skin, but covers all the flaws. Because mineral ingredients every type of skin tolerates it. Apply with a brush from the middle of the face towards the edges, semicircular motion.

2. Liquid Foundation – The most common type of foundation for accessibility, application and prices. The products are for all skin types, it seems natural and easy to apply. The most important thing is to choose a shade that is suitable for you. Choose a shade similar to the color of

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your skin to maintain a natural look.

3. Loose powder (powder compact) – It is best used as a permanent protective layer. Apply it with a brush for powder, and then once again go through the same faces to solve eventual surplus.

4. Tinted Cream – If you do not have much time for makeup, you have a clear complexion and takes just a little more uniform, the ideal solution is tinted moisturizer. Apply with fingers or a brush for concealer and foundation of all is the simplest to use.

5. Mineral Foundation – Mandatory equipment with this type of foundation is a sponge applicator, although many consider to be best applied by brush. If you use a sponge, mild skin touch and often wash to avoid dirt and grease again returning to the skin.

Council plus: In search of new powder go with a mirror in her purse, and without any foundation on her face. Shades always try out on your face, not your hand, pull the thin layer of powder on the cheeks to the jaw line, gently rub it on your skin and see how it looks in natural light.

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