How correctly applied highlighter..


How to use the highlighter?

This increasingly popular product emerged as required to achieve the ideal look. The problem is

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caused by its improper use. This is where we, with a few practical tips on how to avoid mistakes during his nanošenja.Najpre, it is important to know that the benefits of highlighter to highlight certain parts of the face. Refraction of light on the prominent areas of influence that your face looks fresher and younger. Highlighter is normally applied with a brush or sponge, rarely fingertips. Highlighter is not the same as a concealer. They are applied to the same parts of the face, but act totally opposite. While concealer hides flaws, has the task of highlighter to accentuate your facial features. It is applied at the end of the make-up process, the more matte face (after liquid foundation and compact powder / powder).

How to use highlighter and which parts of the face is applied?

Parts of the face to which the highlighter layers:
the center of the forehead, down the middle of the nose in order to obtain the effect of the narrowing, the eyebrows below, around the inner corner of the eye, at the top of the cheek bone, over the center of the upper lip in order to obtain the effect of fuller lips. For contouring can use square, or the right to cut the brush. However, the shape of the brush depends on the type of product that you use for contouring. If you use a creamy foundation, will be best to use a flat brush with synthetic bristles. On the other hand, the powder will produce better applied angular soft brush made of natural hair.

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When the contouring well we know that lately has wide application. But when the girls face konturisu usually make some common mistakes that really affect the quality of contouring. And many tutorials on YouTube usually advise the use of liquid foundation, however, experts point out that a better selection of powders with a matte texture, because it’s easier to blend it Contouring involves not drawing any lines. The bottom line is drawing in the face and causing a circular matte bronzer that creates a shadow in the cavities thus formed.

So, how to use highlighter and how to access the face?

A person should not be approached as a canvas and applied to the entire surface Highlighter forehead or cheeks to achieve a great effect. Just only a little of the product on the cheeks, nose and chin. Generally girls use liquid powders during contouring, while the powders to be used with a matte texture because it is easier to blend it

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