Dark lipsticks..


Dark lipsticks are a complete hit this year, but as the famous ladies always izgledju ravishing, on our lips may look quite sad and visually distort the whole face. A few tips on how to get the perfect look.
1. Choose the right color

Hello dark tones are in trend ..

Color rose depends on the color of your hair and your complexion but not without thinking to grab alipstick that you looked great on an actress. If you have light hair, choose a burgundy and purple shades, a black and dark blue leaves prefer dark-haired girls. Of course, unless you have a super-full lips and flawless complexion. In this case, you can choose anything you want.

2. Choose the right shade

If you have thin lips, can not resort to very dark lipstick. They will visually reduce still further your mouth.

3. Pay attention to the texture

Matte lipsticks are great for long-term evenings and special events, and daily variations, choose a creamy lipsticks or over lipstick apply a little colorless gloss.

4. At home izvežbajte application

Great what do you mean

If you decide to wear dark lipstick on some important event, a day try all look at home. Before applying dark lipstick, it is necessary to draw the lips with a pencil, and a perfect shape and the result it is necessary to exercise.

5. Good design the complete layout

Do not copy the whole make up look from a magazine at any price, because in reality you might look funny. As a rule, with dark lipstick, eye should be minimal makeup, but that does not mean they should not be emphasized. We recommend a white shadow, black eyebrow pencil, mascara and beautiful brows.

6. Pay attention to your face

Dark lipstick does not tolerate imperfect skin so it is important to align the powder nice tan. Also, forget the strong blush. Light or Shadow Marquee naked faces look best with dark lips.

Were like great tips By up to my next post


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