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Applying foundation is one of the first steps in the make-up.

This is the foundation on which the rest of the makeup is applied so it is important that the powder is of good quality and complies with skin types and skin tones. The purpose of the foundation is to hide minor imperfections on the skin, unify and protect the complexion from the sun’s harmful rays and other external influences.

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While, for example, the purpose of foundation is not to hide the face, disguise, drawing attention to irregularities, or raiding and fear of innocent bystanders. And just because I wrote this article because I have so many times been terrified powder. Someone. Well, and because of several e-mails.

So, choosing the best foundation for the needs of your skin is very important, but not the best lipstick will not take effect unless you prepare your face for applying the same. Before applying powder it is essential to cleanse your face and apply the appropriate cream. Facial cleanser to remove traces of dirt, grease and previous lipstick, a cream that suits your skin will prepare a face powder in the best possible way. Ensure that dry skin needs adequate moisturizing cream, a greasy mattifying not only, but also the one that controls the secretion of fat. If you are ready to face this way, you will get the most out of the powder being used.

 Base / primer / liner makeup .

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After preparing face, before applying a foundation, you can use the base (substrate or primer) for the face, a product that is becoming increasingly popular lately. Lining powder has the task to prepare the skin properly, smoothed its surface, „fill in“ fine lines and pores, to help the powder to stay longer on the face, and can that radiant look face or extend mattifying properties of powders – depending on your need. Also, the primer should unify the complexion, cover up minor flaws, moisturizes the skin, protect against UV rays, does not clog pores allow the skin to breathe, and help you more easily and better applying and smear powder.

The primer is usually a cream or gel texture, often silicone-based, and always has to be applied because too little is easy to spread on his face. After priming is necessary to wait for some time (a few minutes approximately, depending on the composition and species) to be on the right way blended with skin and how to get smooth and fine surface. . .

How to determine the undertone of the skin / skin tone?

. It is certainly one of the most important things with a choice of type of powder that matches your skin and choose the right shades – perfect she should be most similar shades of tan.

To start should determine your undertone, you can do this in several ways:

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The veins on the inside of the forearm in daylight – if they are green, your skin has a yellow undertone which means that the color of your skin tone is warm. If you have more blue veins, then the undertone of your skin blue, which means that your skin tone cold.

Get your hair off your face; While you have no makeup, place a clean white towel on the neck and shoulders. If you compared with white cloth face looks yellow, you are definitely warm complexion. If your face looks pink or bluish, then you ten cool.

Jewelry: if the skin looks better in gold jewelry, you have a warm complexion, but if you prefer how your silver, you probably ten cold.

The color of hair and eyes:

Though not a rule, people cold skin tone usually have blue, green or gray eyes and blond, black or brown hair, ashen and cold tones. Those whose eyes are brown, black or pale brown with black, brown or blond hair which has a reddish tones, are usually hot tip. If your skin does not fit into any of these groups (hot / cold), if you are as good as gold and silver, and if all colors are equally good, then you are one of the lucky ones who have a neutral tan color. . .

How to choose the right shade of foundation?

 For the millionth time, always choose a shade of foundation resembles the color of your skin.

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Powders are usually produced in different versions undertone:

cold, warm or neutral. Cold are pinkish, warm yellowish, a neutral beige color.

Try out a few shades of powder to suit your undertone by a small amount (very small) applied along the line of the chin, and well tap in / rub into skin. She shade that best blends with the color of your skin tone, so that the part to put the powder does not differ in color from the rest of the face and does not deviate from the color of the door, it’s perfect for you.

It is important that the selection of shades of powder which completely suits your face always take the time.

Powder is necessary to try to daylight. Most importantly, there was no noticeable difference in color of the neck and face.

Were surely a great tip for everyone Until my next post Your Saska

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