Richtige Konturierung abhängig von der Form des Gesichts


Sometimes war the perfect makeup enough to put the foundation, concealer and powder to repair all the dust, but today things have changed.

Today contour something basic in makeup This art of makeup can hide many facial flaws and highlight their benefits, you can narrow face, define the nose and even the effect of lifting the eyes.

See rule 4, which surrounds most face facial shapes together.

Hello! In this article, I would like to take a closer look at the different facial shapes ……

Round face

Apply liquid foundation to the whole face. Powder with a large round brush. Then highlight the sides of the face where you want to attract our attention. One line pull it along the length of the nose seemed to be ropes, and then a few lines in the middle of the forehead and chin. The parts you want to refine and hide darker powder: cheeks, jaws, nose and bottom of the chin. Then align the brush to make it look natural. Light powder moves across the forehead, nose and jaw. To blush color face nanyite goods.

Heart-shaped face

With a highlighter two shades lighter than the color of your complexion isrcrtajte few lines in the form of a fan at the top. Also text markers, draw the chin and the eye part to highlight the center of the face. To the narrowed cheekbone cheeks, and then powder three shades darker than your skin, to fill the blanks „elevated“ cheekbones. The same Bojoj, shadow the region across the frontal bone to narrow forehead. All things brush, cover and fix the powder compact powder.

Diamond face shape

You can see many things to consider while making up

First use a liquid foundation to equal ten. Then draw two lines of text markers across the forehead, nose and the middle of the chin. This will draw attention to the center of the face. Dark powder shadow the face to operate symmetrically Brush all out, add concealer under the eyes and all ‚cement‘ ‚talcum powder. Istaklnite blush cheekbones.

square face

Apply as a base layer of liquid foundation, text marker and then pull the eye part, in the middle of the forehead and chin environment. Then darker powder shadow the corners of the forehead and jaw as it reaches definitions forehead, a small chin lift.All the brushes, and then add another layer of liquid foundation to work all contours softer. Light talcum powder then passes under the eyes, over the forehead and chin. Both will work a lot of rope and much more defined chin and fold around the eyes can not see anymore. In the end, with a little blush to mark cheekbones.

At the endems I hope he will like you Until next time your Saska

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    Great contribution Saska continue so
    And for those who want to see it differently

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