How perfect eye makeup


What does „perfect eye makeup“?

This means that we highlight the beauty makeup and eye color, open view and refresh the entire face. How do we do that?

First, we will choose the make-up technique for a particular occasion, it can be a living and business outlook or dress and glamorous. Then we will properly implement this technique so that we will adapt your personality, shape and color of our eyes, and age. We will select the color and texture of the blinds that best suit us, or that our best „stand“.

The opening of the eye

When make-up eyes, we all aim to „open eye“ or visually make our eyes are bigger (no woman wants to make her eyes look smaller). Darker thin line on the upper eyelid along the lash line (eye shadow, pencil or shower) will always „open“ look. Those women who have smaller eyes should avoid the same kind of line under the eye because she could „close“ look.

raising the lid

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Most women have „lowered eyelids“ and considers it a big problem. However, I know from experience that such eye makeup certainly be nice … One of the tricks is to apply eyeshadow and well „izblendate“ above the crease of the eye and a little beyond the outer corner of the eye. This way you will visually enlarge the eyes.

Choosing colors

We stick to the basic rule that always works: beauty dark eye will be displayed brighter shades, while the brilliance and beauty of bright eyes to emphasize the darker shades. Of course, exceptions prove the rule … But sticking to this, you can not go wrong. It is also very important to pay attention to the texture blinds. Suppose, pearly and shiny shades can look perfect on younger girls and women while at the rally, in my opinion look bad. Why? Because of pearl luster and very strongly emphasize all lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and that we do not want! So, mature women, avoid shine and mother of pearl on his face, because with them you will look tired and older, and that we do not want … We want to be painted and look fresh, rested and younger!

perfect trpavice

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All we want a nice, thick and long lashes, but unfortunately not many of us do not have. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the mascara, because we’re good and properly applied mascara perfect „open“ and visually enhances the eye. Do you want to curl lashes if you think you are too straight, curl them curler before applying mascara. Mascara can be applied in several layers, one after the other, it is important to apply from the roots of the lashes, making sure that they are not blind. If you start to glue, comb them with metal combs the lashes and apply mascara continue until you get the volume you want. Sometimes I apply to myself and 6 layers of mascara and make such a volume that they ask me if I have fake eyelashes. Try it, it is possible!

Eye makeup

Many women struggle with finding and selecting the perfect mascara. Mascara that is perfect menu, my friend is not and vice versa. However, I think that a large part of the definition of „perfect mascara“ in how it is applied, and a smaller part to the same mascara! For those women who have smaller eyes: avoid thick layer of mascara on the lower lashes, only „lightly“ comb mascara, so will your eyes look bigger!

Luk eyebrows

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Eyebrows are one of our wonderful person „round up“ the eyes, and we must create and define plucking eyebrow eye shadow. My choice is the hood because the eyebrow pencil too „rough“ and visible. Most women have problems with eyebrows because they are too thin and almost never both are not the same shape. Therefore, there are shades of eyebrows in several colors. Color shades we will select the color of the hair. Eye shadow will fill any deficiencies, thicken or extend the eyebrow to create the perfect shape. Know that perfect eye makeup will not come to the fore if eyebrows are not defined.

„Grooming“ dark circles

Dark circles concealer covers intended for the area under the eyes. This concealer is neither too thin (because that would not cover the dark circles) or too heavy (because he „dragged“ into fine lines and noted them). It should be applied in very small amounts and tap in. To make the eyes more beautiful come to the fore, to dab concealer very little liquid highlighter to further lighten the area under the eyes. In all, be careful not to overdo it with the amount and stick to the principle of „less is more“.

Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is thinner than facial skin, so it needs extra care. That’s why we use special creams designed for the eye area, is a great time to time to put a mask that will further nourish and hydrate the area.

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