Proper application of powder “Three golden rules“


Proper use of powder “Three golden rules“

The first rule – Before applying thoroughly wash your face. Even the smallest contamination can make the surface uneven

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The second rule – to decide how to apply foundation – hand with a sponge or brush.

This product is not applied directly to the face, which is already present, to take smaller amounts and apply to the face.

If you have decided:

A) hand, fingertips,

Small heat pad, apply it to the face, starting from the chin to the jaw and then to the nose to the forehead. After applying, gently pat the skin to increase the blood circulation and to achieve a pink glow.

B) Application of the sponge:

First apply a small amount of substrate into the palm and then apply to the sponge.Sponge touches the skin and turns the same way as a hand – from the chin to the jaw, nose and forehead, and if you want to achieve a milder and more transparent effect, soak the sponge with water before applying the pads.

C) Application Makeup Brush:

Brush the rounded brush gently into the substrate from the chin and cheek over the side of the nose to the front. The third rule – In order to achieve a natural appearance, it is necessary to choose the right shadow of the substrate. Always select in daylight!

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