How to quickly and easily smokey eye makeup on – tricks with a crayon


Smokey eye is one of the most popular techniques of makeup – it is always up to date and fits any shape of the eye. With the lighter shades can be worn in daily variations, as a born for evening look if you use a darker color.

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Basic you need to know about this type of makeup is that the brightest hue goes into the inner corner of the eye, and the darkest to the outside, while the space between filled gradation from light to dark – shading. This provides zadimnjen sexy eyes and elongated eye.

If you are not too skilled with brushes and shadows reveal to you some great tricks with a crayon that will allow you to easily and hassle-free reach smokey eye effect.

1. Kreon in the outer corner – point smokey eye effect is a darker shade in the outer corner of the eye. Draw several parallel lines with a crayon, and it spread to the interior of the eye. Thus, the darker shades remain where it should be, and excess paint will be transferred to the inside of the eyelids and the environment.

2. Reverse smokey eye – If you have wide-set eyes best makeup tip for you is to reverse smokey which includes the darkest shade in the inner corner of the eye. You eye a visual approach. Crayon draw a line along the lashes and along the frontal bone, and fill the space between several parallel lines. Everything has to go from the inner corner of the eye. Spread eyebrow pencil brush or fingers, that’s reverse emokey eye effect!

And if you’ve got a taste to test it, a few tips come still, then you can go.

3. Smokey eye for an approximate eyes – Contrary to widely set eyes, classic smokey eye is an excellent choice for closely set eyes (the distance between the eyes is less than the length of an eye). Pull the line that runs along the lower lash line, izvcite towards the end of the eyebrows to the forehead bone. Draw another line along the frontal bone. Fill the space between the same with a crayon, and Blend fluffy brush.

4. The drawn lines in the outer corner of the eye trademark smoky eye – it complements it. To make it a perfect eyeliner draw a line, and is a flat brush spread the goods. The color left on the brush to remove the crease of the eye.

5. Quotation marks for a perfect smokey eye – If you want a discreet neutral smokey eye effect in the eyes of a enlightened take an eyebrow pencil and pull the two lines, such as quotation marks “ – if you have positioned your eyes wide (the distance between the eyes is greater than the width of the eye), a quotation mark be in the inner corner, and if you have close-set eyes on an external corner. Spread eyebrow pencil brush shadow.

6. The easiest way to get the smoky eye effect is to make the eyebrow pencil along the lash line and spread it fluffy blending brush.

You can do it alone!

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