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There are so many tips on the simplest and most correct, apply eyeliner, the easiest way to cover the deficiencies, how to be creative when we are consumed bottle of eyeliner … We have gathered together in one place all the best advice you not to facilitate the application of this favorite makeup techniques.

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Make your makeup on the eyelids longer lasting – Fix the eyeliner shadow in the same color. First, apply a line of eyeliner, then shadow move along the line.

If your hand is not sufficiently stable for applying eyeliner, drag the first line with a crayon – in the hand is more natural than to hold a pencil thin brush. Then go after more eyeliner depicted line.

You’re in love eyebrow pencil one shade, but unfortunately she has a bad pigment. Use a crayon in white – it neutralizes the color of your skin and acts as an excellent base, so all drawn over the white come to the fore.

Do not limit yourself only to the classic eyeliner, if you like the shadow of a shade, wet spiky hair brush and apply a shadow as eyeliner.

There are several types of shutters, but if your eyelid without the rebate, apply a thick round arch on the lid to create a perfect line on your eyes. The line will probably look fat and clumsy to eyes closed, but when you open your eyes will be bright.

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Old but gold is worth the trick for Kreon – give them a new life with a source of heat. You need to warm up slightly lighter top eyebrow pencil. Before you apply it on the eyelids, go with him on the back of the hand to make sure the heat.

Straight lines and uniform in both eyes you too demanding? Apply untidy line on the eye, and then hygienic chopsticks and means for removing excess šminje clean.

If you want to achieve a natural look, then, instead of the classic lines of eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, apply between the lashes. The easiest way to fill out the lashes to make them fill out the bottom. Your lashes will get a visual volume, a more natural look.

The best advice for beginners in eyeliner is applied to the eyelid, which will connect the dots. Make sure that the dots are not too large, because then there is a possibility that it will jump out of your line.

For feline look eye reach for a spoon. Head teaspoon put on the outside corner of the eye and apply it to the line of eyeliner. Connect the outer edge of the lid and fill the void. The line will be slightly curved, which will further highlight the mystique of the eye.

If your pencil crumbles, leave it in the freezer for 10 minutes to restore its original shape.

Almost again at the end

Sometimes the speed of applying the wrong line. Instead of immediately frustrated and throw in the repair, correct it with a crayon the color of your skin or concealer pencil that will serve as an eraser for small mistakes. Be aware that only the top is crisp.

For super-straight lines using edge business cards. Even with najnemirniju hand your line will be flat.

For rapid transformation looks from day to evening, but caused the line to add glitter eyeliner.

It’s hard to determine just as a place in which to finish top of eyeliner? Before rendering the entire enterprise, look straight into the mirror and apply the points to both the eye and treat them determine the end of the liner right at the beginning.

Use mascara as eyeliner! Eyeliner brush to go over the top and apply mascara like him. This is a great trick for colored mascara, or if you lost your eyeliner in the last minute.

Perhaps the classic black, or use brown instead of black, for a better fit all the colors and shapes of the eyes, and looks warmer.

You can draw a straight line and using tape. Before applying the lids, move a few times with her after the back of adhesive to weaken.Hello

There are great tips for you, use them for you Your Saska


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